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Frontier Freedom is the homesteading site for anyone with a desire to be more independent. Our goal is to encourage families to simplify their lives as they plan and prepare for the future. This is the place to help you learn homesteading and backwoods skills which have been all but lost. You'll find informative articles and a forum dedicated to discussions about homesteading, country living and self-reliance.

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Homesteading In Alaska

Welcome To Frontier Freedom!

by Chuck Lamb

Alaska Bush Plane

My family and I live on our remote homestead in the Alaskan Bush. There are no roads to this part of the state, and the only access is by chartering a bush plane which must land on a small lake about a mile from our cabin. We walk down the trail toward home, or use a 4-wheeler or snowmobile. We usually fly into town about once or twice a year for mail and supplies.


We obtained our land by 'proving up', or as some say, through 'sweat equity'. At first, we lived completely without electricity, but now we have a small generator, a few solar panels, a wind generator and some batteries to power a phone, laptop computer, satellite Internet modem and a few tools. We haul our water from a spring near our house. Heating and cooking are all with woodburning stoves. We have a large organic vegetable and herb garden & harvest wild plants for food and medicine. Trees are used for log structures, milled into lumber and split for firewood. We hunt, fish and trap, raise goats & chickens, and in general, try to be good stewards of what God has provided.


FRONTIER FREEDOM was started to help you learn practical and rewarding skills you can use every day, no matter where you live --- or dream of living. Below are some of the topics you'll find in our free online magazine , and that we discuss on the forum .

  • Organic gardening & preserving food
  • Building with logs & milling lumber
  • Raising chickens, goats and other farm animals
  • Woodstove cooking
  • Living without electricity or running water
  • Hunting, fishing, trapping
  • Primitive weapons
  • Shooting sports
  • Making jerky & cooking wild game
  • Backwoods skills
  • Wild plants for food and home remedies
  • Homemade soaps & salves
  • Making baskets from materials you gather in the woods
  • Homeschool insights & resources
  • Politics and news from a Christian perspective
  • Stories about Old Timers and modern homesteaders forging their homes in the wilderness
  • MUCH MORE . . .


We are certainly not experts. Every year that goes by and every new adventure reminds us of how little we really know about this wonderful life. But, it is encouraging as we look back on our mistakes and see how far we've come in spite of ourselves. Col. Norman Vaughn's personal slogan was, ‘Dream big, and dare to fail’. He was a man whose accomplishments were impressive, to say the least. He was not referring to homesteading, but it's good advice for anyone.

Whether your home is in a big city, in the country, on a farm, or in the Alaskan Bush, you'll love Frontier Freedom. It's encouraging, inspiring, entertaining, and informative.




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Click on the link here to visit our forum. You’ll connect with a friendly group of country folks and homesteaders throughout the country as they go about their daily lives. Some of the things we talk about will make you feel like you've taken a step back in time. You'll be encouraged. You'll laugh and you'll learn. The forum is a great place to ask questions, offer advice, or just keep in touch with friends.


coote_bookcover.jpgAncient Skills

by Stephen Coote


Ancient Skills by Stephen Coote is an excellent resource that will help you learn Primitive Fire Lighting, Cordage, Bows and Arrows, Pottery, Rawhide and Hide Glue, Primitive Blacksmithing, and much more. E-Book 99 pages. Click here for details and to read the Table of Contents. You may purchase Ancient Skills here at the Frontier Freedom Online Store.

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